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Massage Therapy is great for Relaxation, Stress Relief, Muscle Pain, Head aches and much more. It is especially useful in decreasing the amount of scar tissue that occurs in the body after traumatic injuries such as automobile acidents, falls and surgery. If scar tissue is left untreated, it can continue to grow in an uneven and cris-cross pattern and cause more pain and limited range of motion in the years to come.

Pain Relief, By turning on the Para Sympathetic Nervous System, the feed and rest cycle, promotes the body to heal and rest. Allowing blood flow to stimulate, feed and carry away toxins and waste. Breaking the Pain, Spasm, Pain Cycle.

Stress Relief, By stretching the over worked and tired muscles allowing blood and oxygen to flow into the cells that nourish the body and turning the Para sympathetic nervous system on.

Head Ache Relief, By easing the tension that most of us Carrie in our neck and shoulders, the Blood and Oxygen can flow easier in and out of the arteries that flow in to the brain. Relaxing the muscles that pull on the skull and face.

Increase Circulation, By pushing body’s fluids through the Cells and Veins carrying out toxins and waste products created by the body. Replenishing essential blood flow and helping out the Lymphatic System.

Lower Blood Pressure, By increasing circulation and turning on the Para Sympathetic Nervous System counter active to the “fight or flight” response.

Increase Body’s Immune System, By increasing the blood flow and providing nutrition to the cells so they can regenerate faster and carry away toxins.

Prevent Injury, By increasing the body’s ability to stretch and flex adding more mobility.

Treat Injuries, By forming the scar tissue along the right fiber direction which results in stronger and more flexible repairs to the cellular structure.

Decrease Symptoms of Fiber Myalgia and Chronic Fatigue, By removing the “substance P” and waste products from the body via the blood stream through the circulatory response to massage.

Treatment for Pathologies such as Carpel Tunnel, Psyatica, Torticolos, Thoracic Outlet and more, By decreasing the tension in muscles that may be responsible for impinging nerves, veins and other muscles against bones and  tendons.
The modalities I use are Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Bonnie Prudent Mio Therapy, Strain and Counter Strain, Active Release, Active/ Resistive /Passive Stretching and Meridian Lines. 

Improve your health, quality of life and sleep. Reduce Pain, Tension and Stress and Muscle Fatigue. Tone Muscles, Decrease Scar Tissue and reduce the chance of injury to muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

7525 Chico Way NW, Bremerton, WA 98312 | Phone: (360) 710-7359 | kelly@5thsensemassage.com

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