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Welcome to 5th Sense Massage Therapy for 
Bremerton, Silverdale, Port Orchard, Washington and surrounding areas.



Kelly L. Beckett LMT MA00013222
Alternative Health Care for Pain Relief and Stress Management.

Welcome to 5th Sense Massage Therapy.


Convenient to Silverdale, Seabeck, West Hills, Kitsap lake and West Bremerton! 
Specializing in Auto injury treatment, Pathologies, Deep Tissue, Neuro Muscular Re-education, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica and more. Using a variety of techniques and only the purest organic oils on the market, your treatment plan is specifically designed to meet your needs. Oils such as Hemp seed, Coconut and Apricot Kernel alone or combined with essential oils can be a great way to deliver anti-inflammatory, vitamins and healing properties to the body. Unscented oil and lotions are also available on request. Keeping in mind that your health and will being is the top priority when planning your treatment.

Just want to relax and de-stress? No matter what your goal is, a massage that is tailored to your own individual goal is always my goal as well.

Yours in health,
Kelly L Beckett LMT 

The 5th Sense or the Sense of Touch is the most important sense that we have. We simply could not survive without this sense. Can you imagine what would happen if we were not able to distinguish between hot or cold, sharp or dull?

Why we have Pain?

Muscle Pain is usually the result of repetitive Stress Injury, Over Stressed Muscles, Strain or Sprain, or Miss-Alignment of the Spine; which impinges the nerve endings and prevents blood and nutrients from flowing through the cells. Toxins such as Lactic Acid stay in the body making the muscle sore and weak. Massage Therapy alone or in conjunction with Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Exercise and Nutrition can improve your Quality of Health dramatically.
  • Professional Licensed Massage Practitioner
  • 15 Years Experience in Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage Techniques
  • Member of the Hands on Trade Association since 2003
  • Member of Massage Network Solutions 
  • Independently Owned and Operated
  • Quiet and friendly atmosphere

  • 7525 Chico Way NW, Bremerton, WA 98312 | Phone: (360) 710-7359 | kelly@5thsensemassage.com

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